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Southwest Dharma Celebration: Seeing Beyond The Ordinary

The Empowerment of Dorje Shugden
Teachings on the Heart Commitments
with Gen Kelsang Rigpa, Western US NSD

We can actively change our view of ourselves, others and our world; with faith we can open a window in our mind through which we can see a pure world. Through relying upon the wisdom Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden, we can naturally develop faith in our potential, in that of others, and in the potential for transformation. Through relying upon Dorje Shugden, we will witness the beneficial influence of the holy beings in our life and be guided swiftly to maximal spiritual progress. Through recognizing that the wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden is the nature of both Je Tsongkhapa and all Buddhas, we will receive powerful, transformative blessings and quickly gain all the realizations of the precious Kadam Dharma.


Intro – 7:30pm – 9pm


Meditation – 9 – 10am

Empowerment – 11am – 1pm with Gen Rigpa

Teaching – 4pm – 5:30pm with Gen Rigpa

Request to the Holy Spiritual Guide & Mantra with Gen Tabkay – 7:30 – 8:30pm


Meditation – 9am – 10am

Teaching 2 – 11am – 12:30pm with Gen Rigpa

Teaching 3 – 2:30pm – 4pm with Gen Rigpa

Who can register?

The Southwest Dharma Celebration is open to the people of the Southwest region of the United States. This includes: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado. As well as: Nevada, Utah, Idaho, North and South Dakota. Of course, everyone is welcome!

Celebration Pricing:

Full Celebration (online or in person): $110

Accommodation is separate –
We have ran out of double and single rooms. Only shared and dorms are avaiable and not many of those either.
Camping may be available closer to the time of the SWDC, depending on weather conditions.
To be put on a waiting list for a room, please email
(please click on link for details):

Audio Recordings Pricing:

May be purchased when making a booking. Audio recordings are of the teaching sessions and empowerment talk only, and do not include the guided meditations or chanted prayers. Recordings may only be purchased for sessions that you have registered for. Recordings are for the sole use of the registered recipient and should not be shared.

Full Event: $25

Friday Only: $5
Saturday Only:
Sunday Only: $10

You must register for the whole event in order to also
purchase the audio recordings.

The recordings only include the teaching sessions, including the empowerment talk, but not the morning meditations.

Contact Us

International Kadampa Retreat Center Grand Canyon

6701 E Mountain Ranch Rd, Williams, AZ 86046

Questions about the Southwest Dharma Celebration?

Our office is open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm (PDT)

(928) 637-6232